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Career in Data

Monday, 14 June at 17:00 CET

From Software Engineering to Machine Learning

Santiago Valdarrama / Levatas

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Tuesday, 15 June at 17:00 CET

The Next Level of Your Data Science Career

Daliana Liu / Amazon AI

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Wednesday, 16 June at 17:00 CET

Build Your Own Data Pipeline

Andreas Kretz / Plumbers of Data Science

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Thursday, 17 June at 17:00 CET

Big Data Engineer vs Data Scientist

Roksolana Diachuk / Captify

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Friday, 18 June at 17:00 CET

I Want to Build a Machine Learning Startup!

Elena Samuylova / Evidently AI

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Machine Learning in Production

Monday, 21 June at 17:00 CET

Setting Up AI Projects for Success

Jan Zawadzki / CARIAD (Volkswagen)

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Tuesday, 22 June at 17:00 CET

Running from Complexity

Ben Wilson / Databricks

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Wednesday, 23 June at 17:00 CET

Humans in the Loop

Lina Weichbrodt / Deutsche Kreditbank

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Thursday, 24 June at 17:00 CET

Why Your Search Relevance Project Will Fail

Doug Turnbull / Shopify

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Friday, 25 June at 17:00 CET

The Importance of Data Quality

Fabiana Clemente / YData

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