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Soledad Galli

Soledad Galli is a lead data scientist and founder of Train in Data. She developed machine learning models in finance and insurance, received a Data Science Leaders Award in 2018 and was selected “LinkedIn’s voice” in data science and analytics in 2019.

Sole is passionate about sharing knowledge and tools and helping others succeed in data science. She teaches 7 online courses on Machine Learning at, she is the author of a Book on Feature engineering and also the creator and maintainer of the Python open-source package Feature-engine, which is downloaded ~30k monthly.

Sole is passionate about empowering people to step into and excel in data science. She mentors data scientists, writes articles online and speaks at data science meetings.

As a data scientist in finance and insurance companies, Sole researched, developed and put in production machine learning models to assess Credit Risk, Insurance Claims and to prevent Fraud, leading in the adoption of machine learning in the organizations.

Sole has an MSc in Biology, a PhD in Biochemistry and 8+ years of experience as a research scientist in well-known institutions like University College London and the Max Planck Institute. She has scientific publications in various fields such as Cancer Research and Neuroscience, and her research was covered by the media on multiple occasions.



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