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Nakul Bajaj

Nakul Bajaj is a data scientist, machine learning operations engineer, educator and a mentor, helping junior data scientists and data engineers to navigate their data journey.

He has over eight years experience in the data science and technology domain, working on growing number of projects. He led a customer analytics team for bank’s corporate and institutional customers for a year. He was involved in building a custom blockchain solution to reduce cash flow lead time for agriculture customer of the bank. During his banking career, his most valuable contribution was building a scalable and self service Business Intelligence software on the cloud. This solution will provide custom reporting and insights, to over six thousand business customers.

Post banking he has been involved in building Machine learning(ML) engineering and Machine Learning Operations (MLOPS) practices in the health industry. He has tutored Data Science graduates at Deakin University in 2017 and The University of Queensland in 2022. Every year Nakul volunteers his time to deliver a lecture on “Starting in Data Science” and other data topics to graduates at RMIT University in Melbourne. He is quite active in the data community and mentors students from different universities across Australia.

Nakul holds a Masters degree in Information Systems from Deakin, with a Business Analytics Specialisation as well as Bachelors degree in Information Systems from Monash University. He also holds a nano degree in Data Engineering from Udacity E-learning platform.

He has been a business manager and left the family business in India to kickstart a career in analytics in Australia. His business management career made him learn about pain points, when humans are involved in manual and repetitive processes, which led him to chase technology and automation.

He is currently leveraging his passion to reduce complexity from machine learning use-cases in business, by making data science and data engineering, easy to do and understand across the organisation. He believes, that by raising data science and Artificial Intelligence awareness world can be a better place.


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