New Roles and Key Skills to Monetize Machine Learning

Season 2, episode 9 of the DataTalks.Club podcast with Vin Vashishta

We discussed monetization roles and the capabilities people need to move into those roles. The key roles are ML Researcher, ML Architect, and ML Product Manager.

We talked about:

  • Vin’s career journey
  • What does it mean to “monetize machine learning”
  • Important monetization metrics
  • Who should we have on the team to make a project successful
  • Machine Learning Researcher (applied and scientist) - background, responsibilities, and needed skills
  • Developing new categories
  • The best recipe for a startup: angry users + data scientists
  • What research actually is
  • ML Product Manager - background, responsibilities, and needed skills
  • How product managers can actually manage all their responsibilities (and they have a lot of them!)
  • ML Architect - background, responsibilities, and needed skills
  • Path to becoming an architect
  • How should we change education to make it more effective
  • Important product metrics

And more!


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