The ABC’s of Data Science

Season 2, episode 7 of the DataTalks.Club podcast with Danny Ma

We talked about:

  • Inspirations for memes
  • Danny’s background and career journey
  • The ABCs of data science - the story behind the idea
  • Data scientist type A - Analyst
  • Skills, responsibilities, and background for type A
  • Transitioning from data analytics to type A data scientist (that’s the path Danny took)
  • How can we become more curious?
  • Data scientist B - Builder
  • Responsibilities and background for type B
  • Transitioning from type A to type B
  • Most important skills for type B
  • Why you have to learn more about cloud
  • Data scientist type C - consultant
  • Skills, responsibilities, and background for type C
  • Growing into the C type
  • Ideal data science team
  • Important business metrics
  • Getting a job - easier as type A or type B?
  • Looking for a job without experience
  • Two approach for job search: “apply everywhere” and “apply nowhere”
  • Are bootcamps useful?
  • Learning path to becoming a data scientist
  • Danny’s data apprenticeship program and “Serious SQL” course
  • Why SQL is the most important skill
  • R vs Python
  • Importance of Masters and PhD


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