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Stefan Gudmundsson

Early in his career, Stefán worked as a part-time software engineer throughout his time in high school and university studying both mathematics and AI in games. His analytics career began in the banking world where he later became the Director of Risk Analytics and Modeling at Islandsbanki, one of the three major banks in Iceland. In 2015, he moved to Stockholm to join King, the makers of Candy Crush, where he led King’s AI initiatives — building up their AI team, and leading their AI research. From King he moved to H&M where he worked as a Lead Data Scientist contributing to the initial steps of H&M’s machine learning journey. By 2021, Stefán made the decision to join a late-stage Icelandic start-up, Sidekick Health, as their Director of Data Science and AI to seize an opportunity to help create a world-class Digital Therapeutics solution based on gamification and behavioural science.


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