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Mihail Eric

Mihail Eric is the founder of Pametan Data Innovation, a machine learning consultancy focused on helping organizations build data-driven systems to solve their toughest business problems. He’s also a founder of Confetti AI, the premier educational platform for practitioners learning the skills to succeed in their machine learning and data science careers.

He built his first machine learning model in 2012 and has never turned back. Over the years, Mihail’s career has spanned machine learning industry, research, and engineering across domains such as conversational AI and self-driving vehicles. He has published papers at the top conferences in the world including ACL, AAAI, and NeurIPS and has helped start teams at innovative companies like RideOS and Amazon Alexa. Systems that he has architected are used by hundreds of thousands of people globally.

Mihail also believes in paying things forward and actively blogs/speaks about complex topics in engineering, data science, and anything else he’s learning.


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