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Mary Jane Dykeman

Mary Jane is co-founder of Canari AI, an AI risk impact solution.

Mary Jane Dykeman is a managing partner at INQ Law. In addition to data law, she is a long-standing health lawyer. Her data practice focuses on privacy, artificial intelligence (AI), cyber preparedness and response, and data governance. She regularly advises on use and disclosure of identifiable and de-identified data. Mary Jane applies a strategic, risk and innovation lens to data and emerging technologies. She helps clients identify the data they hold, understand how to use it within the law, and how to innovate responsibly. In her health law practice, Mary Jane focuses on clinical and enterprise risk, privacy and information management, consent, capacity and substitute decision-making, and counseling through difficult situations, including at the end of life. She currently acts as VP Legal, Chief Legal/Risk to a Toronto teaching hospital; and was instrumental in the development of Ontario’s health privacy legislation.

Mary Jane regularly consults on large data initiatives and use of data for health research and quality purposes. Her consulting work extends to modernizing privacy legislation and digital societies, and she works with Boards, CEOs and CIOs on the emerging risks and trends in data. Mary Jane regularly speaks on AI, cyber risk and how to better engage and build trust with clients and customers whose data is at play. She is also a frequent speaker and writer on health law and data law.


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