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Madiha Khalid

Madiha is an experienced data engineer working as a Fractional Data Engineering Lead. Her role involves helping startups build their data platforms at different stages. She inspires them to recognize the potential of data platforms in the age of AI, especially in their early stages. She is helping an early-stage startup manage and lead a scalable end-to-end data platform that integrates AI and ML models to prepare for launch this year.

Madiha has spent the last ten years building performant, trust-worthy, and reliable data platforms, including data warehouses and data lakes for companies such as Jimdo, Eurecat, and Jazz (Telecom Enterprise). She is also a mentor for aspiring engineers, focusing on empowering fresh graduates and juniors, especially women, to kick-start their journey as engineers. 


  • Unlocking the Door to Your Kick-Start Data Engineering Career (watch on youtube)

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