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Jeanine Harb

Jeanine is working as a Data Engineer at Ubisoft within the Data Office. Her work is focused on applying software engineering principles to data pipelines and improving the lifecycle of ML products thanks to ML/DataOps. Previously, Jeanine worked on a proof-of-concept for autonomous trains and contributed to open-sourcing a large-scale dataset for vision-based railway traffic light detection and recognition. She holds a diploma in Computer Engineering from Saint Joseph University of Beirut (Lebanon) and a Masters degree in Big Data and Machine Learning from Université Paris-Saclay, Télécom Paris and Ecole Polytechnique (France).

Jeanine also organizes data-related events at Ubisoft and, in her spare time, is a trained facilitator for #IamRemarkable workshops.


  • Productionizing a Feature Store for Fraud Detection at Ubisoft (watch on youtube)

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