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Jacques Peeters

Jacques Peeters is a lead data scientist at ManoMano an European home improvement marketplace. He tackles various topics such as recsys, sales forecasting, bidding algorithms, customer targeting.

Jacques is also a Data Science competitor where he had some success:

  • Kaggle - Estimate the uncertainty distribution of Walmart unit sales - 24th out of 900
  • ACM RecSys challenge 2019 - Trivago context-aware recommender system - 6th out of 1560
  • Kaggle - Elo Merchant Category Recommendation - top1% (42nd out of 4820)
  • DrivenData - Power Laws: Forecasting Energy Consumption - 2nd out of 1030 - 7 000€
  • Kaggle - Instacart Market Basket Analysis - top 2% (52nd out of 2620)


  • A Framework for Feature Engineering and Machine Learning Pipelines (watch on youtube)

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