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Chip Huyen

I’m Chip Huyen, a writer and computer scientist. I grew up chasing grasshoppers in a small rice-farming village in Vietnam.

I’m a co-founder of a streaming-first platform for real-time machine learning. Previously, I built machine learning tools at NVIDIA, Snorkel AI, Netflix, and Primer.

I graduated from Stanford University, where I currently teach CS 329S: Machine Learning Systems Design. I’m also the author of the book Designing Machine Learning Systems (O’Reilly, 2022).

LinkedIn included me among Top Voices in Software Development (2019) and Top Voices in Data Science & AI (2020).

In my free time, I travel and write. After high school, I went to Brunei for a 3-day vacation which turned into a 3-year trip through Asia, Africa, and South America. During my trip, I worked as a Bollywood extra, a casino hostess, and a street performer.


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