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Alvaro Navas Peire

Born in Barcelona, Spain. Grew up there until my teenage years, in which I moved to Andorra and lived there until university time. Studied “Informatics engineering” (a sort of mix between computer science and engineering) back in Barcelona and had a wild time in university by joining lots of clubs and not studying at all. After graduating, I joined a small company which sold Chinese-designed Android smartphones under their own brand; I tested a couple of models and underwent the required homologation process that cell phone carriers used to require in order to have them sell your phones and managed to get a model approved before the company changed investors and decided to focus their efforts in Latin America, so back in 2016

I moved to Mexico to keep working with them under their new brand name. I got tired of the cell phone industry and decided to quit my job, return to Barcelona and get back to studying and fell upon Machine Learning and Data Science. After being unemployed for a couple of years in which I managed to finish a postgraduate course and a few more informal courses (including DataTalks’ ML zoomcamp and DE zoomcamp), I managed to get hired by a consultancy company and I’m currently managing an internal project which makes use of NLP models in order to classify user posts on social networks.


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