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Creating Intelligent Products

by Janna Lipenkova

The book of the week from 05 Feb 2024 to 09 Feb 2024

Creating Intelligent Products: Generative AI, advanced analytics, smart automation teaches you how to successfully integrate AI into your software products. Written for product managers, team leads, and anyone responsible for the success of a software product or service, this practical book introduces Generative AI, AI-assisted data analytics, intelligent process automation, and more. You’ll love the examples from across many industries that illustrate the power and versatility of AI-powered solutions.

Inside Creating Intelligent Products: Generative AI, advanced analytics, smart automation you will learn vital skills for the effective use of AI, including:

  • Identifying market and business opportunities for AI
  • Evaluating AI technologies for products and features
  • Effectively communicating with data scientists and ML engineers
  • Designing user-friendly AI interfaces
  • Best practices in AI ethics, governance, and risk management

AI-powered software introduces new opportunities and challenges for product managers. This one-of-a-kind book guides you from initial design conversations through development, deployment, and day-to-day management with techniques to make the process efficient, secure, and cost effective. You’ll learn to capitalize on AI’s full potential for your business with strategies that set you on the path to market leadership in your industry.

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