Machine Learning Engineering in Action

by Ben Wilson

The book of the week from 01 Mar 2021 to 05 Mar 2021

Machine Learning Engineering in Action is a roadmap to delivering successful machine learning projects. It teaches you to adopt an efficient, sustainable, and goal-driven approach that author Ben Wilson has developed over a decade of data science experience. Every method in this book has been used to solve a breakdown in a real-world project, and is illustrated with production-ready source code and easily reproducible examples.

You’ll learn how to plan and scope your project, manage cross-team logistics that avoid fatal communication failures, and design your code’s architecture for improved resilience. You’ll even discover when not to use machine learning—and the alternative approaches that might be cheaper and more effective. When you’re done working through this toolbox guide, you’ll be able to reliably deliver cost-effective solutions for organizations big and small alike.

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