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8 Newsletters for Data Science, AI, and ML Enthusiasts

Follow insights and trends with these publications

11 Dec 2023 by Valeriia Kuka

In the landscape of modern technology, there is a surge of interest in data science. Before 2023, one could count on one hand the number of newsletters that tackled this niche. Now, they cascade into inboxes, each promising the key to unlocking the mysteries of AI, ML, and data science.

To help you, we decided to curate a list of eight newsletters that excel in discussing data science, AI, and ML. We made sure this collection is useful for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned expert or just beginning your journey in these fields.

1. DataTalks.Club

DataTalks.Club is a vibrant community of data enthusiasts. We host regular online events such as podcasts, webinars, and workshops centered around data-centric topics. DataTalks.Club also provides free online courses on machine learning engineering, data engineering, and MLOps.

Subscribing to DataTalks.Club newsletter ensures that you’ll get weekly updates filled with the latest community developments: access to free courses, announcements of live online events, collaborative learning projects, and plenty of other engaging community activities.


2. Ahead of AI by Sebastian Raschka

“Ahead of AI” shares practical coverage of deep learning techniques, research papers, and the latest concepts like foundation models.

Readers receive:

  • Monthly insights into AI/ML advancements.
  • Bi-monthly overviews of noteworthy research papers.
  • Intermittent deep dives into topics like transformer architecture and LLM nuances.

Sebastian Raschka, the creator of the newsletter, previously researched as a PhD. Now, he educates enthusiasts through his books and this newsletter. Additionally, at Lightning AI, he melds AI research with open-source software development and the crafting of educational resources. and now educates people on the topics of AI/ML through his books and a newsletter. He also combines AI research with open-source development and creating learning materials at Lightning AI.


3. Data Elixir

“Data Elixir” is your curated mix of top data science finds from around the web. This newsletter expertly blends a range of content, keeping readers updated on the latest in data science.

Features include:

  • Content Highlights: Insightful blog posts, engaging interviews, and comprehensive tutorials.
  • Learning Opportunities: Upcoming online events and free courses.
  • Technical Resources: Updates on open-source tools, package enhancements, and other coding assets.


4. TheSequence

TheSequence newsletter shares concise insights on ML research, tools, and trends.

It covers:

  • Tuesdays: Core ML insights, summaries of pivotal research, and the latest in AI tech.
  • Thursdays: Deep dives into standout research or essential technology frameworks.
  • A Sunday snapshot of AI’s latest in research and innovation, all in 5 minutes.
  • Bi-weekly interviews with ML’s leading minds

5. Turing Post

Turing Post aims to be an AI knowledge hub for all, from novices to seasoned professionals.

They offer:

  • Weekly Digests: summaries of over 150 AI/ML-centric newsletters.
  • In-depth Series: the history of LLMs and offering practical insights from the FM/LLM series
  • Company Spotlights: In-depth looks at AI front-runners like OpenAI, Anthropic, Inflection, Hugging Face, and Cohere.
  • Global AI Outlook: the nuances of AI adoption and practices across different countries.


6. Interconnects by Nathan Lambert

“Interconnects” explores the complex world of AI research and its intersection with society. The newsletter aims to simplify and communicate intricate AI topics.

Subscribers enjoy:

  • Weekly deep dives, lasting 5-15 minutes, into pressing AI concerns and their societal implications
  • Occasionally, a bonus post or exclusive content reserved for paid subscribers

Nathan Lambert, the voice behind “Interconnects”, is a seasoned machine learning researcher. Having previously been part of HuggingFace’s research team and bootstrapped an RLHF team, Nathan brings a wealth of experience.


7. Palindrome by Tivadar Danka

Palindrome shares stories about how mathematics makes our world work. Not textbook chapters, or dull technical exercises.

Tivadar, the passionate mathematician behind the newsletter, believes there’s a better way to teach and appreciate math. His journey spans from being a curious student to becoming a computational biology researcher and a machine learning specialist. Today, Tivadar dedicates his time to education, sharing mathematical wisdom in digestible stories and working on a comprehensive guide to the math behind machine learning.


8. Data science weekly

“Data Science Weekly” brings a weekly dose of the most relevant articles, news, and tutorials—handpicked through daily research across multiple platforms.

The newsletter curators, Hannah and Sebastian, blend expertise from Business Strategy and Financial Modeling to Data Visualization and Economics. They’ve also created resources like the guide “Get A Data Science Job Course” and the book “Data Scientists at Work”.



We’ve chosen these eight newsletters because they’re insightful, reliable, and, frankly, just interesting. They’re great reads for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on data science, AI, and ML, no matter your expertise level. Give them a try. Who knows, they might just spark your next big idea or project. Happy reading!

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